The Arm Diet

Tired of working out 5 days/week and sticking to rigorous diets? Try out the new Arm Diet!

Step one: cut off your arm. Congratulations, you are now approx. 6% lighter!

PS: If you haven’t reached your target weight, try cutting your legs off, too!

Image source: Crave Online


Gato malo

I wrote this comic and my talented friend, Nusa, brought it to life.

You can find it HERE!

The Lone Avenger

I’ve decided to try doing something with this stupid blog. Not sure yet, where it’ll take me, but I’m hoping it can serve as a semi/reflective online doodle place and a site where I can gather my work [that I’m willing to share].

I’ve been trying to finish a comic book script for 2 months now, but I just cannot seem to be able to do it. It could be the fact that I’m actually writing 4 scripts at the same time, so I’m too much all over the place. Or it could be that I’m just a lazy-ass slob.

Here’s for the more productive future!

Image Source: Wall.Alphacoders

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